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Finally, a vacuum that cleans as good as it looks.

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HEPA Vacuum w/ Refills

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High-performance. Well-designed. Sustainably-crafted.
  • HEPA-14 Filter w/ Charcoal. Filters 99.995% of particles over 0.3 microns.
  • 1200W Motor. Among the most powerful vacuums on the market.
  • 20% Recycled Plastic & Biodegradable AirBags. The first and only clean cleaner.
  • All-Surface. Extendable wand, dual-surface floorhead, crevice & brush tools.
HEPA Vacuum w/ Refills BEST VALUE
$295.00 USD $275.00 USD
Refills include:
  • 4 Dust Bags
  • 1 HEPA Filter Kit
  • 35.00 USD / Every 6 Months
HEPA Vacuum
$295.00 USD
  • 1 HEPA Filter Kit
4.8 - 32 Reviews
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“Compact, powerful, sustainable: is this the future of vacuum clearners?”

“If you were lacking closet space your could leave our Airsign sitting elegantly in the corner of the living room, like a Noguchi sculpture with suction power.”

“Airsign has the most sustainable vacuum
on the market”

“The Vacuum Vibe Shift Is Here And it’s - gasp! -
not from Dyson”

“This Under-$300 Airsign Vacuum Gives My $800 Miele a Run for Its Money”

Environmentally Minded

Airsign's HEPA vacuum is made of 20% recycled plastic, making it the cleanest cleaner on the market. And its biodegradable bags means it leaves no waste behind. We also designed the product to be repairable and it's engineered to last a long time.

We also use recyclable aluminum where possible. We avoided using glue, painted parts and permanent snap fits so that this product can be easily repaired or recycled at end of life. This vacuum is truly designed with the environment in mind.

HEPA Filtration for the Masses

HEPA-14 filtration captures 99.995% of harmful airborne particles like bacteria, mold, pollen and dust. We've combined HEPA with a sealed system on the vacuum making sure the air that comes out of the vacuum is totally clean.

The Airsign HEPA filter replacement works like you're swapping a cassette tape, uses a charcoal layer, and is almost entirely paper based.

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